Etopo Digital Maps
Etopo Digital Maps
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Etopo Digital Maps Downloads

Keep up to date with all the latest Etopo Digital Maps available downloads. We have everything from new indexes to updated Canadian Digital Elevation Data.

Free World Map for use with Memory Map Navigator

This is a new world map that is great for detailing which maps you currently have loaded into Memory Map.

Canadian Elevation Data for Memory Map Navigator

Etopo Maps are now even better using new Canadian Elevation Data with Memory Map Navigator. When these files are loaded into Memory Map you will get spot elevation data as you move the cursor around the map. You will need to upgrade Memory Map to version 3.1.3 (or higher) for the elevation data to work correctly. With version 4.2.1 of Memory Map you can now use our elevation data to export relief shaded maps and view all your maps in 3D.

OziExplorer Elevation Data

Elevation data is also available for free download for use with Ozi3D. You can download any of the available elevation data from the website.

This elevation data has the following specifications: The Canadian Digital Elevation Data (CDED) consists of an ordered array of ground elevations at regularly spaced intervals. The source digital data for CDED is extracted from the hypsographic and hydrographic elements of the National Topographic Data Base (NTDB) at scales of 1:50 000 and 1:250 000 or various scaled positional data acquired from the provinces and territories.

The coverage for each CDED file corresponds to half an NTS (National Topographic System) map sheet. CDED, is comprised of a Western and an Eastern section, for each NTS map. Depending on the latitude of the CDED section, the grid spacing (based on geographic coordinates) vary in resolution from 0.75 to 3 arc seconds for the 1:50 000 NTS tiles, and from 3 to 12 arc seconds for the 1:250 000 NTS tiles respectively. A CDED file consists of elevation data relative to Mean Sea Level (MSL), based on the North American Datum 1983 (NAD83) horizontal reference datum.

Updated Maps or Calibrations